Transform a room with Laminate Flooring in Manchester

Laminate Flooring allows you to have the style and elegance of a natural material such as wood and stone, or other hard surfaces including ceramics and paving. By using laminate flooring, you get advantages of looking like these materials as well as a hard-wearing surface but without the high-end cost. Floor Express is a reliable and trusted supplier of laminate flooring in the Greater Manchester area. If you’re looking for cheap laminate flooring in Manchester, get in touch today to book free measurement.

In addition to that, laminate flooring is what we call floating floors. This means that they are not fastened to the sub-floor; rather they are secured in place by locking each laminate plank with its adjoining planks. One of the many advantages is that it allows for quick and easy installation with very little mess. Once the laminate floors have been laid, they can be used straight away.

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Why choose Laminate Flooring for your home?

Laminate Flooring used to have a bad reputation and was considered a cheap and boring alternative to a natural hard surface like wood or stone. However, advances in printing and graphics allow laminate flooring to come in pretty much any design you can think of, but they are still relatively affordable and very durable. Floor Express offers high-quality yet cheap laminate flooring in Manchester.

One of the beauties of laminate flooring is that it is relatively maintenance-free. Unlike a natural wood floor, for instance, laminate floors do not need to be polished, sanded or sealed to maintain their looks.

With variations in grades, thicknesses, colors, patterns, and styles, laminate offers you an incredibly wide choice of options for your laminate flooring. High-end laminate floors are of similar quality to the natural materials they mimic.

Laminate Flooring Installation in Manchester

If you need someone to install your new laminate flooring for you, Floor Express can provide a professional installation team. Our creative and expert team of laminate wood flooring are all trusted fitters and you will be sure to receive a problem-free service and a beautiful laminate floor. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service our installation teams offer. Visit Floor Express store and check out the latest and modern range of all laminate flooring for home, offices, and shops. We are a reputed name in Manchester and the UK.


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Choosing Floor Express for your laminate flooring will give you:

  • Access to a wide range of quality laminate flooring.
  • Full range of laminate flooring in stock; from budget to high-end.
  • Laminate wood flooring installation service.
  • FREE measuring service with no obligation.
  • Expertise and experience of laminate flooring and installation.

If you would like any further information about our laminate floors, we have a team of advisers waiting to help and assist you.

Pop into our store (laminate flooring warehouse) to speak with them or give them a call today.




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